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Warehouse equipment installation and maintenance
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Turn-key multifunctional warehouse organizing
Optimization of warehouse logistics of a car dealer
A turnkey solution for vertical growing farm
Optimization of feed production logistics
Another logistics optimization project has been completed!
We continue to work: a new project implemented!
New product! Metal rack on wheels Master
New racking department at Forstor Industry factory
We continue to make buildings accessible, this time — a nursing home
Screw it up! New silent lift for the library of Mariupol
Where can a bank store 11 thousand folders with documentation
The new solution is an arc elevator, no one has done this in Ukraine yet!
Innovative solution from Forstor — console unloading platform
How to turn 10 tons per minute - case Forstor Industry
We help pharmacy chains to open inclusive departments


Racks installation
Installation of lifts
Lift Design

Customer reference

How to calculate the load on the grating


Production Forstor Industry
Scissor lift manufacturer
Shelving production
Wheelchair lift manufacturer
Ukrainian bar grating manufacturer

Our projects

Pallet racks

Class A warehouse racks
High-rise А-class warehouse
Complex project for equipping a warehouse for polymer products
Drive in racking case study
Steel grating racks for a steel works
Сold storage pallet racking system
Racks for multifunctional warehouse

Storage shelves

Warehouse shelf racks for storage of spare parts
Archive storage equipment for the bank
Racks for the book warehouse
Shelving for warehouse at furniture manufacturing
Shelving for vertical farm

Warehouse mezzanines

3-level mezzanine with bar grating
Efficient three level mezzanine warehouse
Complex warehouse equipment: mezzanine, dock leveller and pallet racks
Mezzanine platform case study at the warehouse of a food processing factory
Development of spare parts warehouse
Organization of a warehouse for household chemicals

Lifting equipment

Low profile lift table
Wall-mounted cantilever lift
Industrial lifts case study
Console loading platform for the brewery
Hypermarket Shaft Lift
Dock scissor lift for unloading high-sided wagons
Lift for a car parts distributor
Lift for feed mill
Cargo lift for car dealership

Loading dock equipment case studies

Upender case study

Wheelchair lifts

Vertical stainless shop lift
Pharmacy Chain Lifts
Parallelogram lift for disabled people in court of law
Domestic lift case study
Wall-mounted elevator for the nursing home


Racking equipment
Pallet racks
Warehouse lifting equipment
Elevators for the disabled people
Hydraulic scissor lift
Hydraulic goods lift
Car storage lifts
Mezzanine racks
Steel bar grating
Hydraulic lifts
Dock lift systems
Pressure locked grating
Welded steel grating
Passenger lifts for the disabled


Conventional pallet racking
Lift tables
Vertical lift for disabled persons
Inclined elevator for disabled people
Shelving racks Start up to 120 kg per shelf
Drive in pallet racking
Shelving racks Master up to 400 kg per shelf
Platform lift for goods
Parking lifts
Mezzanine racking system
Racks for tires and wheels
Car lifts
Underground garbage containers
Loading dock leveler
Warehouse platforms and floors
Сargo elevator
Metal grating floor
Hydraulic upender
Hydraulic platform
Class A warehouse racking systems
Commercial dumbwaiter lift
Hydraulic truck leveler
Double scissor lift table
Mezzanine shelving
Metal shelf grating
Two post cargo lift
Curved wheelchair lift
Custom grating panels
Custom press locked grating panels
Domestic home lifts
Master racks on wheels
Vertical grow racking system