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Hydraulic lift table

Hydraulic scissor table is universal equipment for lifting various loads weighing up to 10 tons, lifting them up to a height of 5 meters. The scissor lift table will be an effective solution for quick loading and unloading of transport or moving large batches of products in manufacturing.
from € 2900
Lift tables


  • Acceleration of the overload processes
  • Reduced staff burden
  • Does not require registration
  • Low price of equipment
  • Short delivery time

Technical specifications

Lifting platform length


up to 6000

Lifting platform width


up to 3000

Maximum lifting height



Maximum load capacity



Height in the folded state



Lift selection

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Scissor lift tables from the manufacturer

Lifting table assembly section
Scissor lift ready for shipment
Welding area
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The factory is located in the city of Dnipro. A powerful production base in conjunction with our own design department allow us to produce reliable lifts tables for any tasks. We provide professional installation and maintenance services.

The equipment is made of high quality steel using modern machines. We use high standard European components for assembly of lifting equipment.

Our Clients

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Applications Of Scissor Lift Table

Scissor tables are widely used in production and warehouse enterprises, as well as in shopping centers and maintenance shops. This is high demanded equipment, which allows to significantly reduce the labor costs of personnel and to ensure a high rate of transshipment operations. The single scissor lift table is easy to operate and has high reliability. They can be used as a freight elevator, leveling platform, elevator and underground garage. It all depends on the design of the scissor lift.

We use 5 types of valves:

1. Safety valve: protects hydraulic lift system from overload.

2. Return valve: reliably fixes the table platform in the desired position.

3. Electric backflow valve: responsible for the proper descent of the platform.

4. Throttle valve: is responsible for the lowering speed of the platform (control fluid flow).

5. Valve breakage of high-pressure hoses: limits the flow of oil from the cylinders, and will not allow the table to fold when loaded.

In addition, hydraulic tables can be equipped with options that are selected individually for specific tasks. As a rule, these are systems for improving the safety of handling operations, such as a safety frame, rolling restraints, gates with magnetic locks or photocells)

Full range of services to equip warehouses and shops

We are a manufacturer of equipment and provide our customers with a full range of services to equip warehouses. You can order from us not only scissor lifting tables, but also rack equipment and loading equipment. Besides the fact that we will manufacture the lifting table, we will also deliver it to your object, and our installation specialists will carry out all the necessary installation and commissioning work.

To buy a table scissor, contact us today. Our managers will provide you with comprehensive answers and help with the preparation of technical specifications. Call the phone numbers or write to the chat operator on the site — this is not a robot, but a real person who will solve your issue. A complete list of contact information can be found on the page "Contacts".