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Pallet racking systems Profi

Profi pallet racks are the optimal solution for efficient storage of products on pallets. Using pallet racking  you receive a storage system with 140% of efficiency in terms of area and up to 70% in terms of the use of warehouse volume. Racks for pallets allow you to increase storage density, simplify product accounting and speed up cargo processing in a warehouse or production.

Forstor rack

Pallet racking has no restrictions on the type of cargo stored; they can withstand a load of up to 4.5 tons per storage level and up to 18 tons per section. The optimal solution for competent management of warehouse stocks and warehouse operations as a whole.

Схема паллетных стеллажей

Technical data

Frame height 1500— 12 500 mm
Frame load capacity up to 18 000 kg
Beam length 1200 — 3600 mm
Beams load capacity до 4500 kg
Corrosion protection

Frames — zync coated steel

Beams — powder-polymer coating

The Forstor Industry plant produces pallet racks of any complexity and for a wide variety of tasks. Depending on your storage needs, we will create the most effective system.Форстор 

Ukrainian pallet racking

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Pallet racks design features

Pallet racking system Profi is a modular steel structure based on vertical frames and horizontal beams. Every pair of parallel beams make one storage level. Beams connects to the frame by hooks and can be adjusted by height depending on your needs.

We create high-performance warehouse systems

Just watch a quick overview of our multi-purpose storage system based on industrial pallet racks.

This is an example of how the warehouse system can achieve you the 240% efficiency of using the storage space.

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Frame upright types and  dimensions

We using hot-rolled steel to produce pallet racking systems. In the process of forming profile can get up to 12 stiffening ribs to make the rack durable and shockproof.

Frame upright types and  dimensions
The rack can withstand loads of up to 18 tons

Dimensions and types of rack beams

Every beam consists of two C-profiles welded together. Safety locks are made of galvanized steel and are used to prevent accidental detachment of the beam from the frame.

Dimensions and types of rack beams
Maximum load per level 4500 kg

Pallet racks safety protection

Safety protection is a must for safe exploitation of the pallet racking system. We strongly recommend installing not only the end protection on a row, but on each rack separately.

Protecting racks

Protects a rack from collision with warehouse equipment, preventing emergency situations. The metal protection of the rack takes a hit on itself, and the supporting frames remain unscathed. The protection itself can be easily replaced with a new one.

Individual rack protection

Pallet racking for sale — manufacturing in Ukraine

Production is carried out in strict accordance with DSTU EN 15512: 2015 "Steel static storage systems — Adjustable pallet racking systems — Principles for structural design", as well as DSTU EN 15629: 2015 "Steel static storage systems — Specification of storage equipment".

Pallet rack frames a made of high-quality cold-rolled carbon steel with powder-coating corrosion protection or cold-rolled galvanized steel type S250GD + Z  and S280GD + Z.

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Pallet racks installation services

We offer the fast delivery and installation of racks by our own installation teams. Forstor specialists work with all types of racks and installing systems of any complexity: from simple shelving racks to class-A storage systems. We provide a manufacturer warranty with installation for a period of 24 months and always ready to upgrade your storage system.

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