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Pallet racks frontal production Ukraine

Pallet racks — optimal solution for efficient storage of products on pallets. The use of such systems allows you to store 50-60% more cargo with the same storage space. Front pallet racks can increase storage density, simplify product accounting and speed up cargo handling at the warehouse or production.

The front pallet rack has no restrictions on the type of stored cargo, they can withstand loads of up to 4.5 tons per storage level and up to 18 tons per section.

Scheme of pallet racks


Available construction height 1500 — 12 500 mm
Frame Capacity up to 18,000 kg
Sizes of traverses (beams) 1200 — 3600 mm
The load on a pair of traverses (beams) up to 4500 kg
Available item finishes — powder polymer coating
— galvanized performance

Forstor Industry produces pallet racks of any complexity and under the most various conditions. Depending on your storage tasks, we will produce the most efficient system.

Pallet racks of Ukrainian production

Pallet rack selection

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Design features of the pallet rack

The design of the pallet rack is based on vertical supporting frames or racks and horizontal crossbars (crossbeams). Such a collapsible system can consist of several levels due to the possibility of adjusting the height of the traverse. The beams are attached to the racks using special locks on the hooks. The use of such a fastener ensures high speed of installation and reliability of the rack system.

We make even the most complex designs

We offer to watch a video example of a complex warehouse storage system consisting of a 3-tier platform, which also includes a complex of pallet racks.

This is an example of a warehouse system where the base is a frontal rack and this design has increased the efficiency of the warehouse by 240%.

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Sizes and types of traverse of the pallet system

Hot-rolled carbon steel is used to make the rack. In the process of forming a profile can get up to 12 bends. Such a number of stiffeners in the section makes front racks for pallets a reliable design with high inertial strength and shockproof performance.

The rack can withstand loads of up to 18 tons

Dimensions and types of rack beams

Traverses are made of steel C & ndash; profiles welded together. With a sufficiently small dead weight, the beams are characterized by high load capacity — up to 4.5 tons. Traverse locks are made of galvanized steel and are used to prevent accidental detachment of the beam from the frame.

Maximum load per pair of traverse 4500 kg

Protection of pallet racks

Rack Protection — a prerequisite for the safe operation of pallet racks. We recommend installing not only the end protection on a row, but on each rack separately. You can read more about protection read here

Protecting racks in an arched passage

Protects a rack rack from collision with warehouse equipment, preventing emergency situations. The metal protection of the rack takes a hit on itself, and the supporting frames remain unscathed. The protection itself can be easily replaced with a new one.

Individual rack protection

Production of pallet racks in Ukraine

The shelving plant is located in the city of Korsun-Shevchenkovsky, Cherkasy region. Production is carried out in strict accordance with DSTU EN 15512: 2015 " Stationary steel storage systems. Collapsible pallet racking systems. Design principles ", as well as DSTU EN 15629: 2015 " Stationary steel storage systems. Technical conditions for warehouse equipment. "

For the manufacture of shelving frames we use high-quality carbon steel, which meets the standards of DSTU 2651: 2005 (GOST 380-2005) or from galvanized steel of cold rolled grade S250GD + Z (S280GD + Z). Beams are made of cold rolled steel that meets the standard GOST ‎ 19904-97.

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Installation of pallet racks

We carry out the delivery of racks throughout Ukraine with subsequent installation by our own installation team. Forstor specialists work with all types of racks and carry out installation of any complexity: from simple shelving racks to Class A warehouses.

We provide fast and high-quality installation to minimize downtime at your warehouse site. We provide a warranty with installation for a period of — 24 months.

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Manufacturer Forstor Industry produces shelving and pallet systems for all types of goods. Our managers are always ready to answer all your questions, advise you and calculate the cost of a pallet rack. Order and buy pallet racks from the manufacturer, guaranteed quality and deadlines, favorable prices for racks below market and a high level of service. Call the phone numbers or use the feedback form — all contact information can be found in the & laquo; Contacts & raquo; section.

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