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Handicap lifts, elevators for the disabled people — production in Ukraine

A solution for organizing an accessible barrier-free environment in places where it is impossible to install a ramp. The wheelchair hoist is designed for indoor and outdoor use, is safe to use, and its simple and reliable design requires minimal maintenance. Screw and hydraulic lift configurations available. All equipment is manufactured at the Forstor Industry factory in the Dnipro.

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Production of lifts for the disabled

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The presence of a powerful production base and our own design department allows us to offer non-standard solutions of any complexity.

The availability of advanced production equipment allowed us to minimize the cost of lifts without loss of reliability and build quality

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Convenience and practicality of Forstor lifts

The ergonomics of the hydraulic lift for the disabled is worth a separate discussion. Our wheelchair elevators are designed so that a person in a wheelchair can use it independently - without any help. Together with high safety indicators, such equipment will become the most optimal for organizing a barrier-free environment, despite the fact that we already installed such invalid lifts in the cities of Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Lviv, Vinnitsa and Odessa. Forstor Industry takes an active part in the program of barrier-free Ukraine, and we have already implemented and implemented quite numerous projects to create an inclusive environment.

The Forstor Industry factory produces wheelchair lifts for home  to export from Ukraine to Europe and the former CIS, the geography of supplies is quite large and our products are already successfully operating in Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus and Israel. Experienced foreign specialists of the company are engaged in the issuance of certificates ST-1, we take care of all the difficulties of customs clearance, the necessary package of documents and export support of goods. We are a manufacturer and provide customers with a guarantee for their products even outside of Ukraine, we leave and carry out installation in the customer’s country.

Disabled elevators and their benefits
  • Reliable and compact design of the elevator;
  • Intuitive lift control
  • Low noise and aesthetic appearance of the equipment;
  • There are models of inclined lifting and with a rotary mechanism;
  • High-quality hydraulics provides a smooth descent and ascent of the platform;
  • High elevator safety indicators; we also produce screw versions;
  • Registration in control bodies, quick installation and commissioning are not required.

Lift design for people with disabilities

The design of the wheelchair lift for steps and staircases is extremely simple and reliable. The movement of the platform is provided by a hydraulic lifting system, consisting of a hydraulic cylinder and a power unit or an electromechanical system. In turn, the power unit is an alternating current motor, a pump and an oil reservoir, its task is to pressurize the hydraulic cylinder. There are options for mechanical elevators with electric drives, screw and cable systems.

The lift is controlled via a push-button elevator type remote control. As a rule, 3 units are installed: one on the platform itself and one at the upper and lower levels. The hydraulic lift for the disabled can be additionally equipped with handrails and a wicket with a lock, to increase the safety of lifting. Recall also that the new standards of DBN came into force, according to which the building must be accessible for citizens with disabilities.

Where do they install and where to buy lifts for the disabled?

The most popular disabled lifts showed themselves at the entrance groups of municipal buildings, on staircases and ascents, public transport stops, in private cottages and apartment buildings. Our clients are pharmacies, banks, shops and supermarkets, post offices, hospitals, schools and places wherever people with disabilities need barrier-free access. Compactness and productivity make such a platform lift convenient for placement in places where there is little free space and unequipped staircases, for example, subway descents in Kiev, schools in the city of Dnipro and Kharkov, and the regional administration of Lviv and Odessa. Our products also operate outside of Ukraine, we export to countries of Europe and the former CIS, we delivered elevators for export to Moldova, Israel, Georgia and Azerbaijan, carried out installation works and commissioning there.

If you have questions regarding inclined or vertical elevators for wheelchair users from the Forstor Industry factory, then contact our sales department.Experienced specialists of the company will explain the difference between a disabled mechanical lift and an electric, hydraulic, screw or cable. Which is better to buy, which is more reliable and safer, easier to operate and whether it is possible to make such a lift with your own hands. Call the phone numbers listed on the contact page. The company's managers will help you choose and buy a lift for the disabled at the best price. Leave your applications through the feedback form, come to visit us at the factory or office, we are always glad to see our customers.