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Storage shelves and shelving systems

We produce two main types of shelf racks for light and medium loads with a bearing capacity of up to 400 kg per shelf. Our multi-purpose racks have a boltless design for easy assembling.

Racks for the warehouse of a book publishing house
Shelving with vertical divider
Electronics warehouse racks
Storage racks for household appliances

Forstor shelving systems are cost-effective and bear high static loads. We produce shelving racks in many configurations with metal and chipboard shelves.

Shelves Start

Rack height mm up to 3000/(any size on request)
Shelf Length mm to 1150/(any size on order)
Shelf Depth mm up to 800/(any size on request)
Shelf Load kg to 120
Shelf Material Metal
Corrosion protection

— powder coating

— galvanized steel

Forstor racks main features — reliability and simple design. The assembly process is quite simple and does not require a special tool or skills.

Shelving Master

Rack Height mm up to 4000/(on order)
Available shelf length mm up to 2500/(on order)
Shelf Depth mm up to 1500/(on order)
Shelf load capacity kg to 400
Shelf Material Metal/Particleboard
Corrosion protection

— powder polymer coating

— galvanized version

Ukrainian shelving racks

Shelf rack selection

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Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Shelf racks manufacturing in Ukraine

Forstor Industry factory in Dnipro produces racks with boltless design in various sizes and modifications.

The production site is equipped with modern rolling and processing equipment, powder coating chamber, which allows us to produce high-quality universal shelving systems in a short time.

We offer delivery of racks directly to the customer. Forstor racks are easy to assemble and don`t require special tools and skills.

If you need help with the installation of warehouse shelving racks, we are ready to help you. Forstor mobile installation teams provide assembling and installation services at your facility.

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