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Platform goods lift for warehouse and supermarket

The hydraulic platform lift for goods is an excellent solution for installation in a warehouse or supermarket for moving products between different storage levels. Unlike freight elevators, our elevators are much more compact, consume less electricity, do not need a shaft and machine room.
from € 3660
Platform lift for goods

Features of cargo platform lift

  • 3-side loading
  • self-supporting shaft option
  • acceleration of the loading processes
  • space saving due to compact design
  • A large number of options allow you to optimize the lift for work in any conditions


Standard Platform Dimensions (L * W) mm 1500x1500
Lifting Height mm up to 15000
Platform height in lower position mm 200
Load capacity kg to 6000
Each lift of our production has a double margin of carrying capacity and strength, which prevents malfunctions in case of accidental overload.

Lift selection

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Production of cantilever lifts

Modern production equipment
Preparation of the lifting platform
Parts machining section
Section for manual welding of parts
Mast Lift Assembly and Testing Site

We specialize in the integrated implementation of projects - we will produce, deliver and assemble the lift at the customer’s site in a short time. After installation, we carry out commissioning and advise staff on operation and safety rules.

A modern workshop for the production of lifting equipment is located in the city of Dnipro. All elevators are manufactured in strict accordance with European technical regulations.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Vertical goods lift — design features

The hydraulic vertical cargo lift is capable of lifting loads of up to 6 tons in weight to a height of 15 meters, which allows you to satisfy all the requirements of almost any warehouse or production enterprise. Forstore Industry — manufacturer of hydraulic cantilever lifts and other handling and storage equipment, we design and execute special orders, develop new types of lifts.

The loading platform moves under the influence of a powerful hydraulic cylinder along the guide console or mast. This movement can be controlled through a push-button control panel (CPU) of the elevator type. The KPU itself can be located at several levels for independently calling the platform of the elevator and loading products onto it.

We always try to ensure maximum safety when working with our mast lifts, therefore we use only high-quality and proven components of European and Ukrainian production. These are Italian hydraulic valves Oleodinamica Marchesini, the best Ukrainian steel and electronics.

Additional security systems
  • Safety guards and wicket;
  • Shaft with gates (magnetic locks on gates);
  • Stops and safety frame with load cells;
  • Roll limiters;
  • Additional motion sensors.

All of these and other options for mast lifts can be installed on request. If you want to order to buy the console mast mast production in Ukraine, then contact the Forstor sales department. Call the indicated phone numbers today and our managers will help you draw up a competent technical task and choose the optimal configuration of lifting equipment for work at your enterprise. For a complete list of contact information, please see Contacts