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Production of steel grating

Cutting steel into strips
Large-format blank of pressed flooring
Feeding of load-bearing steel strips
Contact-press welding of bearing strips and bars
Shaped cutting of gratings
Frame welding
Hot-dip galvanizing of finished gratings

The production is located in Ukraine, the gratings are manufactured with the standards DIN 24531-1, DIN 24537-2, RAL GZ-638. The flooring is made of high-quality rolling steel, the bearing strip and the crossbar are connected by contact pressure welding. Hot-dip galvanizing is used to protect finished products from corrosion.

Our factory produces metal warehouse equipment of varying complexity, according to all requirements of the customer. We specialize in the development of non-standard cases: we will design, manufacture and install warehouse equipment at your facility.

Steel bar grating production in Ukraine

Heavy duty grating is an excellent and modern solution for mezzanine floors. The quality of this material is better than other types of floors: made of steel or plywood, chipboard/OSB sheets.

Forstor company has its own well-established production of gratings. We use it in our multi-tiered racks, shelving racks, work platforms, as stairs and other structures. You can also order a pressed grating, which has a high bearing capacity and low weight.

Main advantages of grating

  • The honeycomb design makes the flooring durable and lightweight;
  • Withstand loads up to 1.8 tons per 1 square meter;
  • Hot galvanizing provides good corrosion resistance;
  • High durability and long life;
  • Ergonomics, high performance and safety;
  • Simplicity of design and easy installation.

How to order bar grating

Galvanized gratings are produced in a powerful manufacturing site. Modern computer-controlled equipment allows minimizing human participation in the production process. Production capacity is enough to produce up to 1000 tons of grating per month.

The specialists of our company will calculate the parameters of the grating, which will optimally cope with the loads at your enterprise. We provide accurate calculations based on the operating conditions and the load per square meter. In case of higher safety requirements we can offer special anti-slip serrated grating. ­

Forstor Industry is a manufacturing company with its own workshops for the processing and production of metal structures. If you want to buy a grating, then contact our managers now. They are always ready to help you choose the best solution. Call any of the specified phone numbers or write to us through the feedback form.

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