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Hydraulic goods lifts

The mast-driven elevator can be used for vertical movement of products at various enterprises: shops, warehouses, industrial and production sites. Hydraulic lifts don't need a shaft and machine room, which makes such equipment not only economical, but and an effective solution.

We have extensive experience in implementing projects for various enterprises. We produce mast lifts for shops, warehouses, factories and many others, we develop complex and non-standard solutions.


Console lift diagram


Standard Platform Dimensions (L * W) 1500x1500 mm
Maximum lift height 15000 mm
Platform height in lower position 200 mm
Load Capacity 1000-6000 kg
Corrosion protection — powder polymer coating
— stainless steel

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Effective alternative to freight elevator

Racking lift for goods — is widely used in industrial enterprises, warehouses, in logistics centers and large supermarkets instead of classic elevators. The design does not require the arrangement of a shaft, which makes it an effective solution for use in buildings where conventional elevator equipment cannot be installed.

We produce platform goods lifts of any complexity

An example of a platform on the console with a rise of 8.5 meters. Each of the three stops is equipped with swing gates and loading platform call buttons.

Such a mast-driven hydraulic lift significantly reduced the time and cost of reloading.

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Key System Benefits

The cargo mast-driven elevator has a number of significant features, including:
  • compact — installation is possible even in narrow and limited spaces;
  • ease of installation of such equipment;
  • the ability to use in enterprises of various kinds;
  • ease of operation of such a hydraulic elevator;
  • affordable price compared to traditional shaft installations;
  • reliability and safety even in conditions of heavy load and constant operation;
  • access to the platform from three sides.

The platform lift for goods is very easy to operate. The device is equipped with a special control panel, and the remote control is installed on each of the levels. Due to this feature, call it can be from any floor. The control panel is equipped with a light indicator, so it is possible to determine at what level the platform is located.

Simple controls

You just need to press the remote button


Design Features

The mast post lift consists of the following elements:
  • power unit (includes a lifting hydraulic cylinder, pump and electric motor);
  • steel support console on which the rails are mounted;
  • and the loading platform itself.

Some models can be equipped with additional safety sides with or without a gate. Devices are necessarily equipped with an alarm system. If there is no or a sharp decrease in pressure in the cylinder, the platform blocks and then slowly lowers without sudden breakdowns.

Mast elevators for a warehouse are most often equipped with an open area. The absence of sides makes loading and unloading of goods much easier, but worse from a safety point of view, so we recommend installing additional fences, gates and other systems to prevent undesirable situations.

Oil station for the lift
Modern oil stations

Forstor lifting equipment plant

The production of mast-driven elevators is located in the city of Dnipro. All production processes are carried out in full accordance with current technical regulations in the EU countries

We specialize in the integrated provision of services — We provide fast delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment at the customer’s site. We provide a warranty with installation for a period of — 24 months.

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Forstor company — manufacturer of lifts and elevators. We sell ready-made models, and also accept orders for the manufacture of structures for individual parameters. You can buy inexpensive equipment from us for equipping warehouses, shops and service centers. The catalog also contains special devices for people with disabilities. For more information contact our managers.