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Hydraulic scissor lift from Ukraine

The scissor lift is designed for the vertical movement of various cargoes in a warehouse, production, supermarket weighing up to 10 tons. Such equipment is also actively used for unloading products, lifting heavy structures at industrial and industrial enterprises, as an inter-floor elevator or freight elevator for cars and other vehicles.

Already at the design stage double safety margin and load capacity are laid in the design.

Scissor Lift Schematic


Platform Length 1500-6000 mm
Platform Width 1500-2000 mm
Lifting Height to 5000 mm
Platform height in lower position 300-500 mm
Loading capacity 1000-10000 kg
Corrosion Protection polymer coating

Forstor Industry produces scissor lifts of any complexity. Depending on your tasks, we will produce the most efficient loading system.

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Design and principle of operation

Hydraulic scissor lifter — one of the most common and popular kind of handling equipment . They are called scissors because of the design of the lever mechanism, which visually resembles scissors. The platform lift itself is carried out under the pressure of hydraulic cylinders on the mechanism. The pressure in the cylinders is pumped by a powerful power unit.

We produce scissors lifters of any complexity

An example of a popular unloading table configuration — low profile scissor lift, with remote oil station. It is notable for being mounted without a pit, directly on asphalt or concrete floor.

The effectiveness of such a solution is to optimize the loading and unloading of vehicles in the warehouse dock.

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Wide range of configurations

Scissor lifts can be used for various tasks, there are also quite a lot of solutions based on this type. Let's look at the available types of scissor handling equipment:

Construction of the hydroelectric station

The oil station (or power unit) consists of an electric motor, a powerful pump and an oil tank. The power unit is installed in the pit. It can also be a remote element that is connected by hoses to hydraulic cylinders.

Industrial scissors lift have a simple but very robust design. To prevent abrupt descent of the platform, the system is equipped with a safety valve. It is also possible to install additional security options, such as: frame and safety stops, rolling stops, railings and fences — the range of options we produce is quite large.

Oil station for the lift
Powerful and modern power blocks

Production and installation

The lifting equipment plant Forstor is located in the city of Dnipro.

Products comply with current technical regulations adopted in Ukraine and in the EU countries

We specialize in the integrated provision of services — We provide fast delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment at the customer’s site. Factory warranty for equipment — 24 months.

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To buy a scissor lift in Ukraine at a bargain price, please contact our managers today. Our specialists from the sales department will help you draw up a competent and detailed terms of reference, as well as provide you with answers to any of your questions regarding the reloading systems . Call the indicated phone numbers or write via the feedback form.