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Multi-tier racks and flooring systems

Warehouse mezzanine racks allows you to organize an efficient storage system using the entire available room height. In addition, the use of multi-tier racks makes it possible to organize the administration area, assembly points and product distribution points at different levels of the warehouse.

Warehouse mezzanine systems – a platform structure of 2-4 tiers with flooring and a flight of stairs. The flooring is made of grid flooring or OSB sheets. You can read about the benefits of buying such equipment by clicking here.

Pallet racking scheme


Frame height 6000— 15 000 mm
Frame capacity 2,5 / 5 / 8 / 12 / 16 tons
Number of tiers 2 — 4
Storage layer load up to 4000 kg
Maximum load per 1m² up to 1000 kg
Flooring material — grid flooring
— chipboard / OSB sheets

The construction uses standard racks of pallet system or racks of the Master series, which makes the warehouse mezzanine stable and reliable.

Tiered racks of Ukrainian production

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Tiered racks, mezzanine and warehouse platforms

Racks equipment factory Forstor Industry offers to order mezzanines and tiered racks based on shelf and pallet systems, we manufacture multi-tiered structures for a warehouse, deliver and install throughout Ukraine. Today, multi-tiered racks systems with shelves and a working platform, stairs and flooring are on sale. This type of warehouse equipment allows for a high storage density in the warehouse, due to the use of the entire free height of the room to create the most useful working space from each square meter.

We manufacture complex metalworks

We have extensive experience in developing racking systems for large warehouse complexes. Here is an example of such a case – a complex three level mezzanine was installed on the basis of pallet racks.

A case was developed with an emphasis on the maximum storage capacity without losing the speed of cargo flows.

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Construction features of multi-tiered racks

Industrial mezzanine systems – a platform structure of 2-4 tiers with flooring and a flight of stairs. The flooring is made of perforated steel sheet or grid flooring, which allows a high load-bearing capacity of the entire system to be obtained. A budget option of flooring is also available – made of chipboard or OSB sheets. To ensure safe work on the upper floors of the system, a protective fence is installed around the platform perimeter. We have established the production of two types of warehouse mezzanines: classic and lightweight.

Classic mezzanine

Racks of the pallet systems are used as load-bearing beams. They are manufactured from hot rolled carbon steel. During the formation process, the profile can receive up to 12 bends. Such amount stiffeners ensure high stability and load-bearing capacity of metalworks. A striking example of a classic tiered rack among our completed cases is a two level mezzanine in Kyiv.


Lightweight warehouse mezzanine

Made on the basis of pallet systems racks Master. Such a mezzanine will be an excellent solution when such a high bearing capacity, as in a classic mezzanine, is not needed. The Master racks-based design allows you to get all the same benefits, but with a lower budget.

Available tiered racks options

In addition to standard structural elements, tiered racks can be supplemented with various optional solutions. One of the most popular and requested options is an electro-hydraulic mast lift, integrated into the mezzanine. Also in the delivery we can offer a conveyor system, hydraulic lifts of our own production, fences, automation systems and structure protection.


Production of tiered racks in Ukraine

Multi-tiered racks systems are manufactured at a modern factory in the city of Dnipro. Company Forstor has all the necessary equipment that is necessary for the manufacture of racks for any warehouse logistics tasks.

Working throughout Ukraine. We provide timely equipping of warehouses with racks, warehouse equipment and machinery. We specialize in an integrated approach to case implementation: design and manufacture racks, deliver and install them at the customer's site.

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For all questions contact the Forstor Industry sales department. Our project managers will help you choose the optimal configurations of mezzanine storage solutions that will solve the problems of storing products on your site. You can order and buy in Kiev, Kharkiv and the Dnipro from the factory at a bargain price. Call the specified phone numbers or write to us through the feedback form on the site.