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Rack options and accessories

Add-ons and options allow you to significantly expand the functionality of your racking. The use of add-ons allows you to easily adapt the rack to different types of cargo, increase storage safety and optimize the operation of the warehouse complex as a whole.

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A wide range of racking accessories

  • Metal protectors. Designed to protect the support racks from mechanical damage that can be caused by loading equipment.
  • Shelving fences and gates. Such options for racks allow to divide the storage system into zones, as well as to provide access to a certain type of stored cargo.
  • Lintels for pallets and chipboard sheets. Allows for optimal load distribution on the shelf, which positively affects the durability of chipboard sheets and the strength of the structure as a whole.
  • Metal shelves. Options for shelving to store chemical products and liquids.
  • Grated flooring. Mainly used in the construction of pallet racks as shelves and slabs. It is a universal solution: low weight and high strength allow to provide the racking system with high indicators of reliability of resistance to loads.
  • Mesh shelves. A good and inexpensive option to provide storage of fire hazardous products.

Production of racking accessories

Forstor has modern and automated production lines for racking equipment. The production of racking accessories is carried out at the highest level. For more than 10 years, we have developed a powerful production base, which allows us to produce racks and storage systems of any complexity. We are ready to offer you even non-standard solutions that will help you solve your task.