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Cantilever racks for long goods storage

Cantilever racks are a metal prefabricated and demountable structure, which is designed for storage of any long products. Our own production of cantilever racks from Ukrainian and European profiles allows us to produce a system of any complexity. Such constructions for long products are widely used in metal depots, woodworking industry, window or pipe rolling production.

Cantilever rack calculation

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Production of cantilever racks

High quality galvanized steel
Rack rolling lines
Ready-made shelving racks

The production facilities are located in the city of Dnipro. We perform a full cycle of production: from cutting steel, to painting or galvanizing of finished elements. We work throughout Ukraine and Europe.

We specialize in providing a full range of services: we will design and produce a racking system of any complexity, deliver to the customer's facility and install racks in a short time.

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Zeppelin Ukraine

Design features of cantilever racks

Cantilever racking consists of supports, vertical uprights and beams. To ensure high stability, the supports are attached to the floor with anchor bolts. The beam can be additionally equipped with roll stoppers, which is important when storing pipes. The load on one level of the cantilever racking can reach up to 2 tons.

Elements of the racking system are made of steel of European or Ukrainian production. To increase corrosion resistance, racks for profiles are treated with powder-polymer enamel coating.

Racks for pipes and other long products

  • Metal and window profiles;
  • Dimensional products, long bars or rolled products;
  • Plastic and metal pipes;
  • A variety of lumber: planks, chipboard and OSB boards.

The application of cantilever systems is particularly extensive, these racks are used for window profiles, various pipes, rolled metal and wood storage.  The racks are made by cold rolling. If the cantilever racking will be subjected to heavy loads, then hot-rolled IPN profile is used in the manufacture of racks. Such beams are made of high quality carbon steel.

Advantages of cantilever racking

  • High load-bearing capacity of sections;
  • Static strength, wear resistance and durability;
  • Low weight of the structure and the possibility of installing additional options.

You can buy racks for rolled metal products on the specified in the sales department of the manufacturer Forstor Industry. Call the listed phone numbers or send your request through the feedback form on the website — the full list of contacts you will find on this page.