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Mezzanine racks, warehouse mezzanine from the manufacturer

Multi-tiered racks or mezzanines allow for a high density of cargo storage due to the height of the warehouse and the installation of racks in several tiers. This is one of the most effective solutions for organizing a warehouse storage system for packaged items.
Mezzanine racking system

Benefits of the rack supported mezzanine:

  • Efficient use of warehouse height;
  • Organization of independent storage areas;
  • Various modifications;
  • Different types of flooring are available;
  • Easy installation;
  • Easy disassembling and expanding of storage system. 


Available height mm up to 15 000
Frame capacity tons 5 / 8 / 12 / 16
Available section length mm up to 3600 (in 100 increments)
Available frame depth mm up to 2000 (in 50 increments)
Storage level load kg from 4000
Type of shelves and floors mm Chipboard, MDF, OSB, metal
Maximum load per 1m² kg up to 1000
Corrosion protection . — powder-polymer coating enamel
— galvanized execution of elements

Mezzanine design features

The design of the warehouse mezzanine is based on a system of shelving or pallet racks. By using various braces, support beams, floors and other elements, such tiered racks are combined into a complex multi-tiered storage system. 


Production of multi-tiered storage systems

High quality galvanized steel
Rack rental lines
Ready-made shelving racks
Rack traverses are ready for packing

Company Forstor has a modern production site with a strong technological base. The design of the rack mezzanine is based on the characteristics of the warehouse, types of stored products, as well as the personal wishes of the customer.

Ordering a pallet rack mezzanine in our company, you get a full range of services for the development of the racking system. We will design, manufacture, deliver all the mezzanine elements to your facility and carry out installation work.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

An efficient solution for warehouses

Mezzanine rack are the optimal solution for organizing warehouse storage of production in a room with high ceilings. As a rule, small items in containers are stored on the mezzanine. This storage system is most common in warehouses for spare parts, metalworks, tools and pharmaceuticals.

Moving products between mezzanine racking system levels:

  • manually or using loading equipment (stackers, reach trucks);
  • by lift or hydraulic lift integrated into the mezzanine for the warehouse;
  • by special inclined conveyor.

Benefits of a pallet racking mezzanine floors

The mezzanine is designed in such a way as to make the most of the free space of the warehouse. Therefore, the warehouse mezzanine can significantly increase the number of places for storage. In addition, the mezzanine is quite comfortable to use. Each floor of a multi-tiered rack can be organized as an independent storage area. Racking elements are universal and allow to quickly convert storage system into shelving or pallet system.

But it is always worth remembering that due to the large amount of products stored on the mezzanine, the structure is exposed to significant loads. Therefore, you should take into account the increased requirements for the strength of the system itself, as well as the floor.

The Forstor Industry factory produces all types of racks and offers to buy various types of floors, which are manufactured based on the expected load on multi-tiered racks. They can be made both from steel grating, and profiled or perforated sheet. There is also a more budgetary option for overlays made of chipboard sheets.

To ensure high levels of corrosion resistance, mezzanine racks painted with powder-polymer coating.

For more information, please contact our managers. Call the specified phone numbers or use the feedback form. Our experts are always ready to advise you, help you draw up a technical assignment and answer any of your questions. We will manufacture a warehouse mezzanine, the price of which will be justified and supported by real benefits! We look forward to your requests! Full list of contacts – on this page.