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Ukrainian Profi storage racks manufacturer

The plant for the production the Start and Master series, shelving racks of all types, Profi pallet racks, complex multi-level mezzanines, platforms on columns and other warehouse metal structures is located in the city of Dnipro. The shops have installed 8 new rolling lines and equipped a large area for working with sheet metal and profiles. We paint our products in a modern powder workshop, which is equipped with an impressive high-throughput polymerization chamber.

A new automated production line, an experienced design department and a powerful technological base - all this allows us to produce racks of any complexity in a short time. The production of all types of racks, consolidated at one site in the central part of the country, allows us to reduce the delivery time to any point in Ukraine.

Forstor Industry production features

Over 3000 warehouses equipped
High quality of expertise
Certified production
Manufacturer`s warranty
Automated production lines

Shelving production in Ukraine

High quality galvanized steel
Modern rolling line
Two rolling lines of rack frames 90 and 120 mm
We always have a strategic stock of steel coils to eliminate sudden downtime.
Modern rolling machines
Modern machine for punching and cutting steel frames.
Parts for traverse
Metal shelves for shelving
Finished shelving racks
Finished goods warehouse — racks are packed and prepared for shipment.
High carbon steel

Our racks are made of  high carbon galvanized steel S250GD + Z (S280GD + Z). Steel rolling is carried out using modern automated equipment.

Anti-corrosion protection

To protect metal structures from corrosion, we use a powder-polymer coating. Shelving elements are painted in our own powder coating chamber.

ISO-certified manufacturer

We have developed a robust quality management system which has enabled us to improve our overall performance and maintain a high level of quality in everything we do.

Racks comply with current standards

Tests have shown that our racks are 100% compliant with European quality standards, which are now valid in Ukraine:

  • DSTU EN 15512: 2015 "Steel static storage systems — Adjustable pallet racking systems — Principles for structural design"
  • DSTU EN 15620: 2015 "Steel statics to rage systems — Adjustable pallet racking — Tolerances, deformations and clearances"
  • DSTU EN 15629: 2015 "Steel static storage systems — Specification of storage equipment"
Сертификат на паллетные стеллажи Profi

Profi pallet shelving

SES conclusion

SES conclusion

Сертификат на полочные стеллажи серии Старт

Start series shelving

Сертификат на полочные стеллажи серии Мастер

Master series shelving


Storage racks manufacturer

4500 m² total production area
Completely new factory, modern machine park and spacious workshops
8 мetal rolling lines
Allow parallel work on several projects
>2000 tons of racks per year
The design capacity of the plant can satisfy any demand
2500 m² warehouse
A constant supply of steel and materials for the production of large quantities of shelving without delay
Powder coating
The throughput of the powder coating chamber of 1.5 m² / min is one of the most productive in Ukraine
>150 rack sizes
We can produce it today, while constantly developing new solutions in our own design department.

Our Customers

Zeppelin Ukraine

Manufacturing of racks to order

For more than 12 years, Forstor has been improving the efficiency of warehouse complexes using shelving structures. We have over 8,000 completed projects and over 3,000 satisfied customers in our collection. This result is possible thanks to our own production, an experienced design department and a professional assembly team. In July 2021, in the city of Dnipro, we opened a new production of Profi pallet racks. This allows us to provide a comprehensive solution to improve the efficiency of warehouse storage, to reduce the time for the manufacture of shelves and delivery to the client, to offer more favorable conditions for cooperation.

The production area houses 8 automated rolling lines, a section for working with sheet metal and profiles, a permanent stock of metal and a high-throughput powder polymerization chamber. We put the strengths of the German system into each custom-made shelving unit, but we did not copy it, but worked it out, made adjustments based on our own experience. Depending on the scale and characteristics of your enterprise, we will develop Profi pallet and racking racks, Profi and Master multi-storey mezzanines, warehouse racks for storing non-standard cargo.

In addition to organizing large logistics warehouses, we know how to equip small premises as efficiently as possible. In this case, Start and Master shelving units are ideal. You just have to decide on the maximum weight of the stored products, and our task is to manufacture racks to order with the necessary load on the storage level: 120 kg (Start) or 400 kg (Master). It is possible to reinforce the racks to ensure the storage of heavier goods. Forstor company not only manufactures racks to order, but also mounts them at the customer's facility. Installation of shelving structures is a complex process that must be dealt with by professionals. Forstor field erection teams have extensive experience in assembling and installing racks throughout Ukraine.

If you have any questions or want to buy a rack, call the phones listed on the Contacts page or leave a request through the feedback form at the bottom right of this page.