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Master racks up to 400 kg per shelf

We produce boltless racks with shelves made of chipboard or galvanized steel. Master rack is an optimal solution for production storage, spare parts store, automotive workshop or garage. Maximum rack load: up to 400 kg per shelf or 2500 kg per unit.
from € 155
Shelving racks Master up to 400 kg per shelf

Features of the Master boltless steel shelving:

  • Low price and high load capacity;
  • Two types of shelves: steel or chipboard;
  • Wide range of sizes and available options;
  • The assembly does not require special tools and skills.
Racks for Master shelves made of galvanised steel profile and connects with beams by hooks. To increase stability, the Master shelves is equipped with base plates at the rear ends of the every column.


Rack height


up to 4000 / (on order)

Available shelf length


up to 2500 / (on order)

Shelf Depth


up to 1500 / (on order)

Shelf load capacity


to 400

Shelf Material


- metal

- chipboard

Corrosion protection


- powder coating

- galvanized steel

Shelf rack selection

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Shelving rack Master — production Forstor Industry

Steel stock
Powerful rolling lines
Powder coating chamber
Perforating complex
Ready-made Master racks
Shelf Packing Area

Forstor has its own production site that meets all standards and production requirements. Modern automated technological equipment, and high experienced staff allow us to produce high quality racks.

Our project department will develop the concept of a racking system. When ordering the manufacture of a storage system with us, you get a full range of services, which includes the design, manufacture and delivery of shelving directly to your facility.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Easy-to-assemble rack design

Boltless storage racks are easy to assemble and highly reliable. Traverses are mounted on racks using special hooks. Shelves can be either solid or made in the form of typeset sections. Sectional shelves have a higher load-bearing capacity, they are used at high loads.

Assembling shelf racks Master

When ordering a large batch of metal shelving, you may find that you need help with the assembly and installation of racks. For such tasks, we have on-site installation teams. Experienced specialists will come to your facility and carry out installation work.

We specialize in the complex equipment of warehouses: from the design of a rack storage system, to the supply of warehouse equipment and machinery. We solve complex problems of optimizing and modernizing the warehouse - we minimize the resources spent on moving products inside and outside the workroom.

If you want to buy a folding rack for a warehouse or galvanized rack - call today at the indicated phone numbers or write to the online chat operator on the site. You can find a complete leaf of contacts with our office address and a map on the Contacts page. Our managers will help you with the preparation of technical specifications and will advise in all matters. In addition, you can use the feedback form, and we will call you back. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with other types of shelving racks, which are produced at Forstor Industry.