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Forstor — lift manufacturing companу from Ukraine

One of our main priorities is producing material handling solutions for industrial companies. We manufacture hydraulic lifting equipment, car lifts for underground garages and parking, underground waste systems, car unloaders and elevators for people with disabilities. We can offer all this, since we are the largest hydraulic lift manufacturer in Ukraine and a manufacturer of hydraulic lifting and transport solutions. We encourage you to order our products and invite cooperating with us!

Lifting equipment production features

High quality steel
Modern equipment
Qualified specialists
Individual approach

Lift plant in Dnipro

Spacious workshop with advanced machinery
Scissor Lift Assembly
A modern fleet of machines with high-precision computer control
Stainless Steel Inclined Wheelchair Lift
Powder coating chamber
Turning and milling section
Assembly of a cabin of the elevator for disabled people
Lift control panel
Preparing the scissor lift for shipment

Full cycle of manufacturing

  • Steel processing — creating billets;
  • Welding and stripping of metal;
  • Painting the structure with powder coating or polymer paint;
  • Connection of hydraulic cylinders, power unit and control panel;
  • First start-up and full testing of the lift.

After all stages of production equipment is transferred to our service department for further delivering and installation. We are goods lift manufacturer with wide range of products and our engineers can find solution to any task.

Documentation and Certificate

Each lift is completed with full set of necessary approval documents, detailed instructions and technical passport. A guarantee from the manufacturer is provided for all types of lifting equipment - up to 24 months.

Hydraulic power units from Europe

The hydraulic system is one of the most important structural element of material lifts. We use Italian hydraulic cylinders and power units in our scissor lifts and material elevators.

The best Ukrainian steel

The platform itself, the frame and the metalwork elements are made of high-quality steel of the Ukrainian metal rolling, compliant with all applicable requirements and state standards.

The assembly of structures is carried out using fasteners, the grade of which is not lower than 8.8.

Safety systems

Safety systems for lifting platforms use valves that prevent the platform from falling down in the event of a malfunction or a sudden drop in pressure in the system. The manufacturer of the valve group is Oleodinamica Marchesini (Italy).

In addition, at the request of the customer, it is possible to install additional security systems, such as railings, guards, rolling stops and safety supports.

Corrosion protection

Steel structure of the lift finishes with industrial paints Akzo Nobel (Netherlands) or Alpina (Germany). This is the optimal combination of high-quality corrosion resistance for lifting systems and aesthetic appearance.

Control systems

It is carried out by means of electric panels of elevator or telpher type. We make both stationary control posts, and figurative.

Goods elevator manufacturer — lift products


Our production capacity

4500 m² total production area
Completely new factory, modern machine park and spacious workshops
7 technological sites
Allow parallel work on several projects
500 lifts per year
The design capacity of the plant can satisfy any demand
2000 m² warehouse
A constant supply of steel and materials for the production of large batches of hoists without delay
Powder coating
The throughput of the powder coating chamber of 1.5 m² / min is one of the most productive in Ukraine
>40 types of lifts
We can produce it today, while constantly developing new solutions in our own design department.

Our clients

Zeppelin Ukraine