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Scissor lift table for feed warehouse

Lifting height: 1800 mm
Load capacity: 3000 kg
Platform dimensions: 3000x2000 mm
Depth of the pit: 400 mm

A company producing feed for farm animals became a new Forstor customer in search of an effective solution to optimize warehouse operations. The task was to increase the speed of unloading goods at different vehicle body heights. To solve this problem, we developed a scissor lift table and integrated it into the animal nutrition warehouse system. This ensured the efficiency and versatility of the handling processes.

The specification of the scissor lift table was carefully developed to meet the individual needs of the client. The equipment is equipped with a large platform for easy handling of larger loads, while its high lifting capacity of up to 3000 kg allows for efficient use of warehouse equipment. The 1800 mm lifting height guarantees flexibility in use for vehicles of various configurations.

Scissor unloading table for feed storage
Scissor unloading table for feed storage
The platform is equipped with a folding ramp
The platform is equipped with a folding ramp

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