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Metal shelf grating

Pressed and welded gratings of sizes 800x1000 and 1000x1200 mm are an excellent solution for shelving floors. Their main advantage is low own weight and high load-bearing capacity.
Metal shelf grating


    Welded Pressed
Maximum length mm 6000 6000
Maximum width mm 1000 1200
Cross bar/strip thickness mm 5 8х2
Bearing bar depth mm from 25 to 100 from 25 to 100
Bearing bar thickness mm from 2 to 10 from 2 to 10
Mesh size mm

34,3 x 38,1/

34,3 x 50,8/

34,3 x 76,2/

34,3 x 101,6




Corrosion protection galvanized coating  
Load table for welded gratings
Load table for pressed gratings

Production of shelf grating

Cutting steel into strips
Feeding of load-bearing steel strips
Large-format blank of pressed flooring
Contact-press welding of bearing strips and bars
Shaped cutting of gratings
Frame welding
Hot-dip galvanizing of finished gratings

Shelf grating is made in Ukraine from high quality rolling steel. The production of gratings is according to the standards DIN 24531-1, DIN 24537-2, RAL GZ-638. Bearing strips, framing and crossbar are connected to each other by pressure-resistance welding.

The Forstor Industry factory carries out production and installation of metal structures for various purposes. Installation at the customer's site is carried out by professionals, which guarantees the safety use of the products.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Features of steel shelf grating

Low own weight and high load-bearing capacity increase the load capacity of the rack. The modular structure of the grating shelves makes it easy to replace in case of damage. This is an excellent solution for rooms with increased fire safety requirements. Due to the cells, the gratings allows water to pass through, which in the event of a fire allows you to quickly extinguish the fire's origin point.

The grating surface has a high grip, which ensures safe storage of the items and prevents accidental slipping.

Production of grating shelf

Grating production is located in Ukraine. It is a modern factory with two automated production lines:

  • For pressed gratings.
  • For welded gratings.

Production and development of shelf grating is carried out in a short time. If you have any questions, please contact the Forstor sales department. Our managers will advise and help you to choose the best option for an affordable price. Call the specified phone numbers or leave a request through the feedback form. We process all requests within one working day and give prompt answers to each request.