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Ukrainian bar grating manufacturer

Forstor Industry plant offers welded and pressed gratings made in Ukraine: a wide range of standard sizes, reliability and ease of installation. We also design and manufacture gratings according to individual customer sizes, which allows you to choose the best option for any conditions of use. We are ready to cover the needs for grating of both small enterprises and large construction and industrial companies.

Features of the production of gratings

High quality steel
Automated production
DIN 24531 and DIN 24537 standards
Qualified specialists
Hot-dip galvanized gratings

Steel grating fabrication in Ukraine

Cutting coiled steel into strips
Feeding of load-bearing steel strips
Uncutted press-locked bar grating
Pressed welding machine
Custom grating cutting
Banding welding
Hot dip galvanizing
Steel grating production — how it works

The bar grating manufacturing process takes place in several stages:

  • Cutting coiled steel into strips;
  • Cross bar torsion;
  • Contact-press welding of strips and bars;
  • Cutting and banding welding;
  • Cleaning and zinc coating;
  • Marking and preparation for shipment.

Compliance with international standards

The grating plant produces gratings from high quality coiled steel, in accordance with the German standards DIN 24531 and DIN 24537:

  • DIN 24531: steel gratings used as stair treads are available in depths up to 305 mm and widths up to 1200 mm;
  • DIN 24537: steel gratings used as floor are available in lengths of up to 6000 mm and a width of 1000 mm.
Grating Standards
Grating Steps Standards

Custom-made grating is available for our customers. Experienced specialists of the company will calculate the parameters of the gratings, which will exactly correspond to the load at your facility, taking into account the dimensions of the room, the operating conditions of the flooring. When ordering welded or pressed gratings from steel grating manufacturer Forstor Industry, you can be confident in the durability and reliability of products, because their quality is strictly controlled at every stage of production.

Gratings catalog


Reliable manufacturer of gratings

4500 m² total production area
Completely new plant, modern machine park and spacious workshops
7 technological sites
Allows you to work on several projects in parallel
More than 1500 completed projects
The design capacity of the plant allows meeting any demand
2500 m² warehouse
Constant supply of steel and materials for production without delay
Certified production
The technological processes at the plant comply with the requirements ISO 9001 and 14001
>20 standard sizes of gratings
In addition to ready-made solutions, we are constantly developing new ones based on customer needs

Our equipment works

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