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Welded steel grating

The flooring made of welded galvanized gratings has a high load-bearing capacity and low own weight. This is a versatile building material that is used in the various metal structures.

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Welded grating production

Cutting steel into strips
Feeding of load-bearing steel strips
Contact-press welding of bearing strips and bars
Shaped cutting of gratings
Frame welding
Hot-dip galvanizing of finished gratings

Welded grating is produced in Ukraine from high quality steel, according to DIN 24531-1, DIN 24537-2, RAL GZ-638. The bearing strip and the crossbar are connected by pressure welding, which ensures the strength of the finished product.

You can order a full range of services: design, production and installation of metal structures for various tasks of your company. We specialize in the development of non-standard and complex cases, our teams of experienced installers works quickly and efficiently.

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Design features of welded bar grating

Grating consists of steel strips which are interconnected by welded rods. They are welded on an automated spot welding line. This design has high reliability and rigidity and excellent torsional resistance.


Grating length (standard) mm 800/1000/1200/1500
Grating width (standard) mm 800/1000
Maximum length mm 6000
Maximum width mm 1000

The welded steel bar grating has an attractive appearance because the edges of the grating are framed by a strip of steel, which is butt-welded. Only the longitudinal strips are load-bearing in the structure.

Universal mount for any design

We offer durable butterfly-style grating clips. This design allows you to fix the grating flooring on the frame of any metal structure. We carry out development of small one-time consignments, and also work with large orders. Modern production of welded grating allows developing up to 1000 tons of grating per month.

You can buy electroforged grating at the current price in the Forstor sales department. Call any of the specified phone numbers or leave your request using the feedback form on our website. Call or write today, we are waiting for your requests!