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Hydraulic car parking lift

Car storage lift — hydraulic equipment, without which it is impossible to imagine the work of underground compact parking lots and garages, car dealerships, etc. Such car lifts greatly facilitate the movement of vehicles and will allow them to be raised and lowered in case of insufficient space, for example, to enter the second floor or lower level of the garage. The Forstor Industry factory offers to buy a hydraulically-operated car lift parking systems, to equip an underground garage or parking in a supermarket — we produce all kinds of parking systems for cars.

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Production of car lifts in Ukraine

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The production of car lifts is located in the city of Dnipro at a modern factory with a powerful technological base.

We provide delivery and installation of the lift at the customer’s site. All products of our factory have a manufacturer’s warranty.

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Design Features

Despite the difference in models, all devices operate on the same principle: the hydraulic system performs the raising and lowering of the car. It consists of elements such as:

  • Electric motor;
  • Oil tank;
  • High pressure pump and sleeves;
  • Hydraulic cylinders and safety valves.

The principle of operation of the scissor type device is to increase the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder using a special pump. Oil under pressure pushes the piston, which drives the mechanism itself.

Having bought the elevator to the garage once, you will forget once and for all what an inspection hole is and other inconveniences when performing repair work.

Benefits of collaboration

The company Forstor offers to buy a parking lifts for residential buildings and commercial structures. The models presented in the catalog are suitable for equipping a garage, tire fitting, parking lots, etc. A wide range includes mechanisms that can be used as elevators.

The production price of a car lift varies depending on technical characteristics, power, design features and scope. The catalog presents both simple inexpensive models and more modern multifunctional options. Car Lift — optimal solution for equipping garages and parking lots. We carry out delivery and installation of equipment throughout Ukraine. For more information, contact our managers.