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Hydraulic platform lift

Industrial lifting equipment for moving heavy and wide loads. he scissor platform works smoothly and it is easy to operate which provides excellent product and staff safety, especially when lifting heavy loads. The capacity of the scissor lifting platforms can reach 10 tons, several pairs of scissors and an impressive size of the working surface are suitable for the most difficult tasks.
from € 4690
Hydraulic platform

Benefits of the lifting platform

  • Lower price in comparison with freight elevators;
  • Large stock capacity
  • High reliability and durability;
  • No need to build a shaft


Payload kg 1000-10000
Platform Length mm 2000-10000
Platform Width mm 1500-1700
Maximum lift height mm 5000
Number of scissors pcs 1-3

Lift selection

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Manufacturing of lifting platforms

Plasma cutter and metal bending machine
Site preparation for a cargo lift
Band Saw
Scissor lift after painting
Modern machine park

Production processes are conducted in a modern workshop and strictly comply with European standards. Platforms are designed taking into account the size, mass of the transported cargo and the characteristics of the room.

Our mobile team of installers will quickly arrive at your facility and complete the entire range of installation and commissioning. Having ordered a lifting platform from us, you get certified equipment that will be delivered, mounted and fully ready for use.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Scissor lift platform Construction

The scissors of the lifting mechanisms are installed on the support frame, which provide the raising and lowering of the hydraulic platform. The scissor mechanisms themselves are driven by hydraulic cylinders and an oil station. The power block consists of: oil station, electric motor, pump and high pressure hoses.

The control of raising and lowering is carried out by changing the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder. This is done using a push-button remote control lift or telpher type. The scissor platform lift can be equipped with a number of optional solutions to increase operational safety:   rolling stops, guards and railings,   safety frames, gates with magnetic locks, etc. To protect against corrosion, the hydraulic scissor lift platform is treated with industrial paint Akzo Nobel (Netherlands) or Alpina (Germany).

How to order the Forstor sscissor lift platforms

We offer hydraulic platforms own production , Forstor Industry is a manufacturer of hydraulic lifting systems of all types. If you have any questions, then call our managers right now, they will advise you, provide comprehensive answers and help you buy a lifting platform with the preparation of technical specifications. To order and buy, call the indicated phone numbers on this page or use the feedback form.