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Domestic chair lifts for disabled people

Internal domestic lifts allow you to organize an absolutely safe ascent and descent of a person to a height of 15 meters. The lift is driven by a reliable and low noise screw / nut mechanism. Since hydraulics are not used in its design, the possibility of oil leakage and the risk of line breaks are excluded. Domestic lifts can be placed in a prepared concrete shaft of a building or equipped with a self-supporting metal structure.
from 12500 €
Domestic home lifts


Payload (standard)


to 400

Platform Size (Standard)



Platform height in low position



Lifting Height


to 15000

Platform lift speed

m / s



& mdash; Stainless steel

& mdash; Polymer coating

Benefits of such lifts

  • Smooth platform movement without jerks and drops, low noise during the platform movement.
  • High safety, double margin of safety and reliability.
  • Ergonomic appearance that meets all the requirements of a universal design, intuitive controls.
  • There are certificates confirming the compliance of the screw elevator with the current technical regulations.
  • An access lift for disabled people can be produced with various optional solutions to increase its functionality.
  • Available indoor and outdoor configurations.

Domestic lifts manufacturing

Modern steel processing equipment
Band Saw Machine
Assembly of the elevator for disabled people
Powder coating chamber
The main production site

The Forstor Industry lifting equipment plant is a modern workshop equipped with a powerful machine park and experienced staff.

The presence of a powerful production base allows us to manufacture lifts of any complexity in various configurations.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Design of a domestic home lifts for disabled people

Attached lifts for people with disabilities are made of high-quality Ukrainian steel at the Forstor Industry lifting equipment factory. A screw/nut connection is used as the lifting mechanism of the screw hoist. It works as follows: the electric motor rotates the nut, which is twisted on the screw and thereby raises or lowers the platform. This design is much safer and more reliable in comparison with hydraulic lifts and, especially, classic elevators.

An elevator for people with disabilities with a height of more than 2 meters must be equipped with a fence, and more than 3 — self-supporting shaft is needed, which we also manufacture in various versions.

Unlike classic elevators, the domestic platform lift for the disabled does not have a machine room, which greatly saves space. Such lifts are easy to maintain, less noisy and more reliable, especially screw elevators, which we now actively manufacture and install for our customers. The functions of the engine room are taken over by a simple electrical system based on a relay or a specially designed circuit board. The platform is raised and lowered by a button control.

For all questions, contact the sales department of the Forstor Industry factory. We manufacture lifts for people with disabilities at a modern factory in the city of Dnipro. Our managers are always ready to help you choose and buy a screw elevator or a side elevator for the disabled at a bargain price. Call the phone numbers listed at the top of the page or email us via the → here . We process all applications within one business day, we give quick answers with calculations and current prices. Come to the office or to our factory, we are always happy to welcome guests and customers.