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Manufacture of lifts for people with disabilities

The production of lifting equipment Forstor is a modern factory complex where we manufacture industrial and social handling systems, elevators for people with disabilities and other equipment. We take care of all the difficulties, starting with the design and manufacture of the lift, ending with its installation, commissioning and further service support.

The manufacture of lifts for the disabled is carried out at 6 sites

  • Bending and cutting of sheet steel
  • Cutting and temporary storage of steel profiles
  • Turning and milling section
  • Metal welding section
  • Lift assembly and testing site
  • Powder coating chamber

Vertical and inclined platforms

We aren't just vertical platform lift manufacturer but several other types of lifts for people with disabilities: screw-type extensions, vertical racks, scissors, linear slopes and swivels for climbing stairs. With us you can order equipment that will work perfectly under any conditions.

Screw or hydraulics

One of the most important elements of the lift is its lifting mechanism. In our projects, we use a hydraulic system or a screw / nut hoist, depending on the type of hoist.

For metal structures, we use the highest quality steel of Ukrainian metal rolling, which meets the current regulations and GOSTs.

Corrosion protection

Vertical lifts are made of galvanized steel. Inclined platforms are available in two versions: galvanized and powder-polymer coated.

Control systems

At each stop of the elevator there are button remotes for calling the elevator. On the platform itself there are also buttons for choosing the direction of movement. It’s easy to manage - pressed, held and arrived.

Documentation and certificates

Our production and lifts for the disabled meet all applicable technical regulations that are recognized not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. This compliance is confirmed by the availability of certificates.

We make these types of lifts:


Our production capacity

4500 m² total production area
Completely new factory, modern machine park and spacious workshops
7 technological sites
Allow parallel work on several projects
500 lifts per year
The design capacity of the plant can satisfy any demand
2000 m² warehouse
A constant supply of steel and materials for the production of large batches of hoists without delay
Powder coating
The throughput of the powder coating chamber of 1.5 m² / min is one of the most productive in Ukraine
>40 types of lifts
We can produce it today, while constantly developing new solutions in our own design department.

Buy lifts from the stair lift manufacturer Forstor Industry

A reliable wheelchair lift manufacturer in Ukraine, a trusted partner and a conscientious executor — Forstor Industry Lift Plant. We can fulfill even the most difficult order, develop a wheelchair lift for an object of any complexity — we have the strongest design department in Ukraine. For all questions, please contact our sales department at the numbers indicated at the top of the page. Or send us a request for settlement through the feedback form on the "Contact Us" page - all requests are processed within one business day.

New standards have been introduced in Ukraine, the process for the inclusion of buildings and structures has been launched, according to which it is imperative that people with disabilities have access to buildings through lifts or ramps, or build so that the entrance to the building is at a level with a sidewalk. We invite construction organizations, design companies, charitable foundations and medical institutions, elevator companies, city authorities and social organizations, schools, kindergartens and universities to cooperate.

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