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Double scissor lift table

An excellent solution for raising or lowering products at production and warehouse complexes. Such equipment has proven itself as an inter-floor lift, as an alternative to a freight elevator. Unlike the standard scissor lift table, the double scissor lift is equipped with two pairs of scissors and is capable of lifting loads up to a height of 5 meters.
Double scissor lift table

Key Benefits

  • Two pairs of scissors provide a large lift height — up to 5 meters.
  • A hydraulic lift is much cheaper and more economical than a freight elevator.
  • Compact design, does not require a separate room for the engine block.


Lifting platform length



Lift platform width



Maximum lift height



Maximum Payload



Folded Height



When designing the lifts, our engineers lay a double margin of safety and carrying capacity to eliminate the malfunction in case of accidental overload of the elevator during operation.

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Manufacturing of double-scissor lifts

Bending machine
Plasma cutter
Skilled welders
Scissor Lift Assembly Site
Elevator parts production site

We make and mount elevators of any complexity. All products are manufactured in accordance with Europe standards. Technical conditions" and is accompanied by a full package of documents.

We carry out prompt delivery of the lift to the customer’s site, followed by installation and commissioning. We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the lift.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Double scissor table— design features

The design of such a lift is based on a scissor lift with two pairs of scissors, which is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. It builds up pressure, which ensures the rise — the hydraulic power unit or oil station is responsible for this. It includes an oil tank, an electric motor, a pump and high pressure hoses (Hansa Flex). As a manufacturer of hydraulic lifts, we can carry out projects with a higher lifting height and the number of scissors, it all depends on the technical specifications and the required lifting capacity.

In the production of the hydraulic system of our lifting equipment, we use high-quality and proven valves — Oleodinamica Marchesini (Italy). Metal structures are made from Ukrainian metal rolling, which fully meets all applicable state standards. We use 5 types of valves: pressure relief, non-return, electrically controlled non-return, butterfly valve, high-pressure hose break valve

Integrated equipment for enterprises

Forstor Industry is a manufacturer of lifting and warehouse equipment and has been providing complex warehouse equipment services for more than ten years now. The range of our services includes the development and manufacture of shelving, the supply of warehouse equipment and   automation systems for warehouse processes (conveyors, elevators, complex handling systems). The specialists of our company work in order to find the most correct and optimal solutions for the tasks of our customers.

For all questions, call the phone numbers or write through the feedback form. Managers of the company will always help you choose a double scissor platform for your warehouse or production. Leave your application today! You will find a complete list of phones, address, and a map in the section « Contacts » .