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Profi class A warehouse racking systems

Class a warehouse racking system with a ceiling height of 10 meters. It allows you effectively use the entire height of the room — increases the efficiency of using the warehouse area to 140% , and the efficiency of using the warehouse volume to 70% . The galvanized rack of the rack can withstand a load of up to 18 tons, and the installation of frontal chippers protects the racks from collision with equipment.
Class A warehouse racking systems

Benefits of Class A shelving

  • Warehouse efficiency is growing by 50-60%.
  • Galvanized rack, with a height of 10 meters.
  • The speed of cargo handling on pallets increases by 30-40%.
  • Stock inventory is fast and easy.
  • The rack can be adapted for storage of non-standard goods.

Structural elements

There are 4 rack types available, with 8-12 stiffeners.

We use 6 different sizes of traverse. The thickness of the steel is 3 mm.


Available construction height mm up to 12,500 in increments of 100
Available Frame Depth mm from 500 to 1600 in increments of 50
Frame Capacity kg up to 18,000
Sizes of traverses (beams) mm 1200 — 3600
The load on a pair of traverses (beams) kg up to 4500
Corrosion protection  

upright — galvanized steel

beam — powder polymer coating

Pallet rack selection

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Class A pallet racks manufacturing

Rack rental lines
Ready-made shelving racks
Rack traverses are ready for packing

We have modern full-cycle production with a powerful technical base. Our company Forstor provides services for the development of shelving systems of any complexity. We produce non-standard warehouse metal structures in a short time.

We design and manufacture the rack at the highest level. Thanks to the established transport logistics system, we organize the delivery of racking equipment to the customer’s facility. Also, our field team will carry out installation.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Design features of A class warehouse racking

The most commonly used high-altitude storage system configurations are the front Profi class A warehouse racking . The base of the rack is a powerful frame, assembled from galvanized racks up to 12.5 m long. Depending on the weight load racks of different thicknesses are used. The supports are attached to the concrete floor with anchor bolts — the most reliable mount. To secure the rack, we install frontal protection. Pallets are placed on transverse beams (traverses), which are attached to the frame with hooks, which makes it possible to vary the height of storage levels depending on the characteristics of the cargo and warehouse equipment.

How to order and buy grade A warehouse racks

Forstor Industry offers to manufacture pallet racks for class A high-rise warehouses, installation at the facility in the shortest term, factory warranty and high quality. To buy Profi class A racks at the best prices, you must contact the company’s sales department. Our managers are always ready to help you with the choice of the optimal storage system configuration for your business, they will also answer all your questions regarding the equipment and modernization of a Class A warehouse. Simply call any of these phone numbers or leave your request through the feedback form and project-Managers will call you back within a working day. On this page you will find a complete list of contacts of the plant and the address of offices in Ukraine.