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Underground waste system

An effective solution for the collection and temporary storage of garbage underground. The underground garbage collection system allows you to provide an aesthetic appearance of the territory, get rid of scattered garbage and unpleasant odor. The design of the underground lifting platform allows you to place underground from 1 to 4 containers, with a total volume of up to 4400 liters.
150 000
Underground waste system

Underground garbage containers – features

  • It looks beautiful and fits well into the urban environment;
  • Save space;
  • Restricts access to containers with litter to birds and stray animals;
  • Due to the presence of tanks underground, their service life increases;

Available configurations of underground garbage modules

Number of containers Platform dimensions, mm Total capacity, l
1 1500x1500 1100
2 3100x1500 2200
3 4600x1500 3300
4 6000x1500 4400

Container lift design

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Underground waste system

Underground waste system — a promising solution for the collection and sorting of waste, which has become widespread in Europe. This method of temporary storage of garbage becomes relevant for residents of Ukrainian cities, where there are problems with waste treatment and lack of space for installing additional garbage cans.

This is a specially designed hydraulic lift — underground trash module. Depending on the size, number of tanks and the required carrying capacity, the design can be based on scissor or mast types of lifting systems. The rise can be carried out by the built-in power unit or by connecting an external electro-hydraulic garbage truck system.

Features of underground garbage cans

Underground garbage cans are installed on a special lifting system, which is based on the design of the hydraulic lift. The upper part of the platform is equipped with a pedestrian structure with special devices for receiving garbage. Thus, garbage cans are in an enclosed space and do not spoil the environment with stench and unaesthetic appearance.

Forstor Industry is a manufacturer of hydraulic systems for underground containers with a platform and can offer all options for installing such systems. If you want to buy underground garbage containers with a lifting platform , then contact our managers today. They are always ready to answer all your questions regarding the design of the lift and help you choose the optimal container volume. Call the numbers indicated on the contact page or leave your request through the feedback form and we will call you back within one business day.