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Rack protection Profi

A prerequisite for a warehouse where loading equipment is used is to equip the racks with special protection. This will prevent the racking system from falling down when the forklift truck collides with the frame and ensure the safety of the cargo and the safety of the personnel. You can see the consequences of unprotected racking in the attached video.
Rack protection Profi

Benefits of using rack protectors

  • Preventing racks from falling after contact with machines;
  • Increasing the safety of staff;
  • Extension of racking service life;
  • Possibility to use different types of protection systems.

Technical specifications

Available protectors height mm   up to 350 
Metal thickness mm   up to 4 
Length of frame end guards not limited
Fixing to the floor and walls


Available element finishes powder-polymer coating RAL3020

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Forstor recommends the use of rack rack protection in warehouses with heavy loading traffic. This is very important for the safety of the staff and the stored goods. After all, if the rack is not protected, one minor damage is enough for the racking system to fall down. That is why we strongly recommend the installation of rack protectors.

Protective metal bumpers are often used not only to protect racks, but also to protect pillars, corners, wall protection, and various production equipment.

We offer protection on stock racks of 2 kinds:

  • Corner protector - in the shape of the letter "L";
  • Full protection (protection from 3 sides) - in the form of letter "U".

Wide production possibilities

We manufacture any type of warehouse protection for storage racks, not limited by batch volumes. Our production capacity is sufficient to manufacture metal products made of steel up to 4 mm in thickness.