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Warehouse mezzanine platform, warehouse floor system

The optimal solution that allows you to divide the warehouse area with the picking area, organize several storage tiers or an administrative post in the warehouse. According to the needs, the storage mezzanine floor can consist of 2-4 storage levels.
Warehouse platforms and floors

Warehouse platform benefits:

  • Organizing independent storage areas;
  • Efficient use of warehouse space;
  • Easy installation;
  • Possibility of expansion;
  • Various modifications of the rack system;
  • Ability to use different flooring types. 


Available height mm up to 14 000
Rack capacity kg 12 500
The height of the stairs mm 2200 / 2400 / 2800 / 3000 / 3200
Maximum load per 1 m² kg 1000
Corrosion protection .

— powder-polymer coating enamel

— galvanized execution of elements

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Production of mezzanine floor systems in Ukraine

High quality galvanized steel
Rack traverses are ready for packing
Ready-made shelving racks

The production of warehouse platforms and mezzanines is located in the city of Dnipro. We have a modern technological base for the design and production of metal constructions of any complexity.

We carry out prompt delivery to the customer's site. Mobile assembly teams will carry out operational installation of the entire system as soon as possible.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Storage mezzanine platforms for warehouse

A mezzanine platform – type of metal constructions for organizing warehouse logistics and dividing the warehouse by height. The platform construction consists of standard elements: racks or columns, beams and flights of stairs, floors, fences and railings.

The main purpose of the warehouse mezzanine floor is to organize a multi-storey warehouse complex with levels of different functional purposes. These may be levels of storage of different types of goods or the division into a warehouse and production area. The benefits of this approach: easy installation and the possibility of rapid expansion and redesign, or its complete dismantling and relocation when rented premises are changed.

The parameters of a mezzanine platform (its beams and uprights) are calculated according to the load per square metre of the floors. The levels of the system may be completely insulated or mounted one above the other. It is also available as a structure with through supports for all storage levels.

It is best to use grating as a warehouse floor because of its high load capacity and small mass. The safety, integrity and strength of the entire structure are ensured by the reliable mounting of the flooring to the beams. Expanded metal, profiled sheets or a more budget option – chipboard/OSB sheets can also be used as floors.

High reliability warehouse floors

Beams are manufactured from high quality carbon steel. For protection against corrosion, the structural elements are treated with a polymeric powder paint. This ensures high durability of the structure and its aesthetic appearance.

For all questions, contact the manufacturer of these platforms – Forstor Industry. Our project managers will help you to formulate a competent technical task and buy a warehouse platform mezzanine at the best price. Call or write to us via a feedback form on the site.