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Сargo elevator

A hydraulic elevator cargo is a great alternative to a freight elevator: cheaper and takes up significantly less space. Such a freight elevator can be installed in its own self-supporting shaft or mounted in an existing one.
from € 3800
Сargo elevator

Features of shaft elevators

  • The shaft provides increased safety, protecting the fall of products from the platform when lifting.
  • The elevator can be installed in an existing shaft.
  • The self-supporting shaft for the lift can be installed even in places that were not originally designed for this.


Options   Scissor Mast
Platform Length mm to 6000 to 6000
Available Platform Width mm to 3000 to 3000
Lifting Height mm up to 8000 up to 15000
Load capacity kg up to 10000 to 6000

Lift selection

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Shaft lifts production

Plasma Cutting Machine
Section for manual welding of parts
Plate Bending Machine
Parts machining section
Lift assembly and testing site

We offer mine lifts, which are an excellent and inexpensive alternative to a freight elevator. Our equipment is manufactured according to European technical regulations.

Forstor company offers a full range of services, including both the production of lifting equipment and its installation. Experienced teams of specialists will carry out the assembly of the lift and commissioning right at your enterprise.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Modern replacement for freight elevator

Hydraulic goods elevator is a great alternative to a freight elevator, and they vary significantly in design. Despite the fact that they perform essentially the same task, the elevator lift is much cheaper. In view of this, elevator lifts were widely in demand at production, trading and warehouse enterprises.

Design features of the elevator lift

The construction of the shaft lift is based on the construction of a scissor or mast type hydraulic lift. The configuration depends on the required lifting height, carrying capacity and platform dimensions. The shaft freight elevator can be installed both in the existing elevator shaft and in its own, which our specialists can manufacture and install. To control the platform lift, button control panels are installed at each level.

 Industrial elevator Forstor — it is a self-supporting metal structure sheathed with profiled sheet or sandwich panels. There is also the option of fencing with a special metal mesh. Depending on the requirements, the shaft is installed either indoors or outdoors. The flexibility of the design of the lift allows you to make the shaft more compact, due to the remote power unit.

We are one of the best goods elevator manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Our production is reliable cheap and high quality! We use hydraulic stations from high-quality European components. Valvular manufacturer — Oleodinamica Marchesini (Italy). For metal structures, we use the best Ukrainian steel.

Industrial elevator lift — buy from the manufacturer

If you have any questions or want to buy a shaft lift or freight elevator then manufacturer, then contact the managers of the elevator equipment factory Forstor Industry. They are always ready to advise you and help to draw up an effective and correct technical task, taking into account the characteristics of your business and personal wishes. Call the phone numbers or leave your request through the feedback form. You can find the full list of contacts in the corresponding section of our site.