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Pallet flip gates

Pallet flip gates allow safe loading of the upper levels of the mezzanine and keep staff away from dangerous working areas. That is, the worker will not go to the edge of the platform and risk collision with forklift or stacker forks. It's a proven solution that doesn't require a large budget, and the gate design is simple, reliable and durable.
Pallet gates

Advantages of flip gates

  • The worker does not need to go to the edge of the mezzanine, the loading area is completely isolated from the workers on the mezzanine.
  • The operator does not need to worry about the presence of people in the loading area as if the gate is open, there is no one present.
  • There are no complex mechanisms, due to which the construction has high reliability and durability at a low cost.
  • There is no need for constant monitoring of the loading process.

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Production of pallet doors in Ukraine

Automated production line
Profi rack profile
Rack beams ready for packing

Production of flip gates for mezzanines is located in Ukraine. For production we use high quality bent profile and the best steel of Ukrainian rolled steel.

We work throughout Ukraine, as well as for export to neighboring countries. We perform prompt delivery of gates with subsequent installation at your site. We specialize in complex projects.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Construction of flip gates

The design of the gate includes three main parts: 2 fixed sides and a prefabricated frame. The sides are bolted to the floor or pavement. Depending on the requirements, the boards can be rectangular or angular. The frame ends are equipped with rubber shock absorbers to minimize damage to the mezzanine flooring and reduce noise during operation. Open places of pipes are closed with decorative plastic plugs.

Operating concept

While the gate is closed on the mezzanine side, it is open on the opposite side, which allows the warehouse operator to deliver or pick up the pallet with the load. The position of the gate is controlled by the employee on the mezzanine. Closed at his place and opened for the warehouse equipment to operate. No one interferes with each other and no one waits. The gate operation mode is changed when the frame is raised or lowered. There are no locks, hooks, fasteners and locking mechanisms as the gate works on the principle of shifting the center of mass.