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Rack safety fencing for shelving

A simple and effective solution for warehouse zoning. The grid fencing with security gates allows you to guarantee the safety of personnel and cargo on the racks. This solution is especially relevant in warehouses where multiple tenants work at the same time.
Rack safety fencing for shelving

Advantages of rack fencing

  • Possibility to split warehouse area between several tenants;
  • Reduces the number of possible operating failures;
  • Ability to control staff access to specific areas of the racking system;
  • Increases the safety of workers;
  • Can be simply disassembled, relocated and reassembled if necessary;
  • The low cost of the solution.

Manufacturing of rack safety panels

Rolling line for rack stands
Rack traverses are ready for packing
Profi Rack profile

We have a modern manufacturing facility for racks and accessories such as: end guards, fences and gates. In operation, we are using high-quality steel of Ukrainian rolling stock. We work efficiently and provide a guarantee of the manufacturer.

The specialists of the company Forstor work all over Ukraine and Europe — we carry out express delivery and installation of racking systems and other warehouse metal constructions. We specialize in a complex storage system solutions.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Rack safety fence

Metal grid fencing consists of a frame and a metal grating, which is attached to it with bolts. The frame is based on vertical uprights, horizontal beams or a profile bolted together. To provide access control for workers and loading equipment to the racks, gates and/or doors are installed, depending on the specifics of the racking system.

Design features of mesh fences

Racking columns are usually used as supports. Profile steel piping or horizontal beams make up the framework of the entire fence. On this frame is attached a strong metal grid. The size of the mesh is determined individually. Instead of the grating, one may use solid fencing made of metal sheets. To ensure free access of personnel to the products on the racks, the fence design includes gates or doors, which are made of profile pipes and metal grid.

If you have any questions, please contact the sales department of the company Forstor. Managers of the company will consult you, give you comprehensive answers and help to make a competent technical specification.