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Profi single-sided cantilever racks

One-sided cantilever rack is designed for storage of long-size products: pipes, rolled metal products, profiles, etc. It has a compact design, which allows for wall mounting of the rack. It has high stability and load capacity.
Profi single-sided cantilever racks


 Available height of cantilever racks mm from 1500 to 6000
Rack load capacity kg 16 700
Beam pitch mm 50/100
Beam length (outreach) mm from 400 to 1200
Available rack cross-sections mm 150 x 60, 200 x 60, 300 x 90
Available element finishing . — powder-polymer enamel coating
— galvanized version of elements

Cantilever rack calculation

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Manufacture single-sided cantilever racking

Modern steel rolling technology
High quality galvanized steel
Rack rolling lines

We produce racks according to GOST 16140-77 "Collapsible racks. Technical conditions". We supply shelving systems in galvanized or painted version. 

We accept orders for complex projects: development, delivery, installation of racks at the customer's site. Field installation teams work throughout Ukraine and Europe.  We install complex racking systems in a short period of time.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

One-sided cantilever racks are most often used as wall racks. They have high static strength, stability and load capacity — an excellent solution for storing heavy long products, such as pipes, lumber, metal parts.

Storage and handling of goods is carried out from only one side of the rack — the front side.  Cantilever one-sided racking is widely used in metal depots, construction stores and warehouses.

Design features

One-sided cantilever racks have a simple design: vertical posts of C-shaped profile are bolted to the base. A beam is mounted on the rack at the required height — perforations allow to adjust this height. To make the rack more stable, the stands are connected by inclined beams. The beam can be additionally equipped with roll stoppers, which is important when storing pipes. 

The base of the rack is made of hot-rolled IPN profile. To make the single-sided cantilever racks as stable as possible, during their installation, the supports are fixed to the floor with anchor bolts. For greater stability, the racks can be additionally fixed to the wall.

High resistance to corrosion

Racks and consoles can be painted or galvanized, which ensures high resistance to corrosion. 

Forstor operates throughout Ukraine and Europe. We specialize in complex integrated projects: we develop, manufacture, deliver to the customer's site and install racking systems of any complexity.