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Inclined elevator for disabled people

The wheelchair stair lift allows you to organize free and unhindered access to the building for disabled people in wheelchairs and other people with limited mobility. This is an excellent solution for comfortable overcoming flights of stairs, including for mothers with prams.
from € 3300
Inclined elevator for disabled people

Main advantages

  • Folded compact
  • Intuitive operation - a person in a wheelchair can use the lift without assistance
  • The lift can be placed indoors or outdoors
  • Vandal-proof design ensures lift reliability
  • Smooth platform descent and rise, low noise
  • Actual and effective alternative to the inclined ramp
  • Compliance with applicable technical regulations


Payload   kg 150
Platform size (standard) mm 1200х850
Platform height in the lower position of mm 100
Span length mm to 10000
Platform lift speed m / s 0,15

— НStainless steel

— Powder coating

The folding transport platform of the lift provides a minimum width when folded. Stair lifting devices for disabled people are especially relevant for the small stairwells in buildings where space for the ramp was not originally provided.

The design of the lift is simple, reliable and requires a minimum of maintenance, even during everyday outdoor use.

Inclined Wheelchair Production

Plasma Cutting Machine
Lift parts manufacturing site
Section for manual welding of parts
Manual processing of parts
Lift assembly and testing site

Lifts for the disabled are produced in a modern factory according to TU U 28.2-41922252-001: 2018 "Lift platforms for people with reduced mobility FORSTOR. Technical conditions." We carry out a full production cycle: from steel cutting to the assembly of control panels.

The production is subject to strict quality control of each technological operation, and the finished product is thoroughly tested before being sent to the facility. Installation of lifts is carried out by experienced professionals.

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Features of stair lifts for the disabled

The inclined platform stair lift moves parallel to the flight of stairs, we also produce it with the rotation function. The smooth movement of the platform is ensured by a reliable electromechanical system. One of the main advantages of such equipment is its compactness, simplicity and safety of operation. This solution is a more effective and practical alternative to the staircase ramp, while the lift itself does not require registration with the control authorities.

Disabled stair lifts are characterized by a simple and reliable design, which has a load capacity of 150 kg. This is more than enough to ensure a smooth movement of a person in a wheelchair. Wheel lifts do not require constant and regular service.

How the inclined lift works for disabled people

  1. A man presses the lift call button;
  2. A lifting platform arrives to him if it was not in its original position;
  3. A person raises the fence, enters or enters the platform, lowers the fence and presses the movement button;
  4. The platform begins to move, only in the absence of obstacles on the way and only with a closed fence.

With Forstor stair lifts, it’s much easier and more efficient to provide a free and barrier-free environment for people with mobility impairments: wheelchair users, people with crutches, and even mothers with children in wheelchairs.

For all questions regarding lifting devices for the disabled, call our managers. They will not only advise you, but also help to correctly compose the terms of reference and buy an inclined lift for the disabled at the best price. Call the phone numbers or leave a request using the feedback form, and we will call you back within one business day. Call or write today, on this page is a complete list of contacts.