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Inclined lift for people with disabilities at the art center in Kyiv

Platform dimensions: 1000x900 mm
Track length: 3,4 м
Material: stainless steel
Load capacity: 150 kg

The construction company that was carrying out renovation work at the PinchukArtCentre turned to us for a solution that would provide barrier-free access to the art center for people with disabilities. We offered to install a specialized lift that would allow people in wheelchairs to independently and safely climb the stairs.

The lift, made of stainless steel, has dimensions of 1000x900 mm and is ideal for the inclusive needs of the art center. Its travel length is 3.4 meters. The features of the equipment are its compactness when folded, intuitive operation, which allows a person in a wheelchair to use the lift without assistance.

Lift for an art center in Kyiv
Lift for an art center in Kyiv
The platform takes up no space when folded
The platform takes up no space when folded

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