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Racks for tires and wheels

An optimal solution for tire storage, garage or tire shop. Adjusting beams allows to display and store tires up to 20 inch in diameter. High load capacity of our racks provides safely tire storing.
from € 80
Racks for tires and wheels

Features of tire racks:

  • Boltless design;
  • Safety storing and displaying tires
  • Simple installing shelves for storing boxes
  • Optimum tire storage design.


Rack height


up to 4000 / (on order)

Section Length


up to 2500 / (on order)

Depth of construction


up to 1500 / (on order)

Load per level


to 400

Corrosion protection


- powder coating

- galvanized steel

Rack selection

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Production and installation of shelving for tires

Forstor company has its own production complex in the Dnipro. We make rack storage systems and metal structures of any complexity. Production workshops are fully equipped with modern equipment of European and Ukrainian standards.

Forstor production system assures constant quality control at every stage of production — from raw materials to finishing in power coating chamber and preparing for delivery. Our racks is certified and meets the requirements of DSTU EN 15629: 2015 "Steel static storage systems — Specification of storage equipment".

Our Clients

Zeppelin Ukraine

Racks for tires and wheels

Introducing service racks for storing tires, tires, wheels and wheels of any type. Such racks are installed in car services, warehouses for automotive parts, tire service and even private garages. The storage system can be expanded with the attached section of the shelf Master rack , which allows you to store piece products, boxes and containers on the rack.

Wheel racks — design features

Racks for wheels and tires have a collapsible design, which consists of vertical racks and horizontal traverses. Racks and traverses of the rack are made of a special profile with 6 stiffeners. Such beams are made according to the technology of cold bending of steel and have a high bearing capacity. One level of the rack can withstand loads of up to 400 kg.

Corrosion protection and presentable shelving appearance

To ensure aesthetic appearance, as well as high corrosion resistance, the elements of the rack are painted with powder-polymer enamel. Presentable appearance allows you to use the racks for car service in shopping areas, as a shop window for auto parts.

To order shelving for tires you just need to contact us in any way convenient for you. Call the indicated phone numbers or write via the feedback form. Our managers are always ready to answer any of your questions and provide you with an exhaustive consultation.