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Metal rack on wheels

Shelving on wheels with metal shelves is a great solution for the garage, workshop, warehouse and production area. The rack can be moved to any place in the room where it is needed at the moment. With the mobile rack, the warehouse space can be divided into work areas.
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Master racks on wheels

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Universal shelving on wheels

With the help of a storage rack on wheel, the warehouse space can be conditionally divided into work areas. The maximum load on a metal shelf is 400 kg. This is quite enough for both small boxes and overall boxes with heavy spare parts. A rack on wheels is most often purchased for storing components for heavy equipment.

Warehouse rack on wheels: components


The basic equipment of the mobile warehouse racks includes: racks, traverses, braces, thrust bearings, metal shelves, bolts with nuts and clamps. The assembly of the rack is very simple. First, horizontal traverses are fixed on galvanized racks using hooks. Metal shelves-segments are installed on the traverses. With the perforation on the frame, you can easily change the intershelf distance,  adjusting to the size of the stored cargo.