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Hydraulic truck leveler

Vertical dock leveler — is an efficient and compact solution combining the advantages of a swing-bridge and an unloading elevator. Its main feature is the ability to adjust the height of the platform. This method allows you to minimize the difference in the height of the warehouse and the car body, which greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of loading/unloading the car.
Hydraulic truck leveler


Load capacity: kg to 1500
Loading platform length: mm to 3000
Cargo platform width: mm to 2000
Lifting Height: mm 1600
Drive: hydraulic power unit

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Hydraulic swing bridge manufacturing

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Our products are certified and manufactured in accordance with current technical regulations. The modern technological base, along with a staff of experienced engineers, allows us to develop handling equipment of any complexity.

We provide a full range of services: we design and manufacture a tail lift, carry out delivery to the customer’s site, followed by installation and commissioning. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

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Hydraulic dock bridge design Features

Vertical storing dock leveler — it is a kind of dock bridge with a scissor lifting mechanism, which allows you to adjust the height of the platform, depending on the height of the vehicle body. It is also possible to install a ramp so that you can comfortably use trolleys and rockers for loading operations.

The hydraulic cylinder that connects to the oil station is responsible for the angular movement of the platform. The platform itself has a grooved coating, which provides a good coefficient of adhesion and minimizes slipping. The main design feature — the presence of a warehouse dock is not necessary for the installation of equipment, i.e. — stationary hydraulic lift is self-supporting. It is only important to prepare a reliable foundation that can withstand the load, as well as bring the power.

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