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Two post cargo lift

The two post goods lift is a cantilever lift with two racks. Due to the two support legs, you can increase the load capacity of a standard cantilever lift or the size of the platform. This is an excellent solution for warehouses and stores, as an effective alternative to the freight elevator.
from € 6000
Two post cargo lift

Two-post goods elevator features

  • Increased Load capacity and Productivity
  • A cheaper and more efficient alternative to a freight elevator
  • Numerous of options for optimization for any conditions
  • The lift can be mounted indoors or outdoors
Standard platform dimensions (L * W) mm 1500x1500
Maximum length mm 6000
Maximum width mm 2500
Maximum lift height mm 3500-15000
Platform height in lower position mm 200
Lifting capacity of arched elevator kg 1000-6000

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Production of arched lifts

Band Saw
Parts machining section
Preparation of the lifting platform
Plasma Cutting Machine

The lifting and handling equipment plant is located in the city of Dnipro. Standardized production according to European technical regulations ensures consistently high quality products.

We design equipment for the client’s task, manufacture the lift in a short time, carry out delivery and installation, followed by commissioning. The result of working with us is equipment that is completely ready for work, tuned and optimized for the loading processes at your enterprise.

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