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Export of storage equipment Forstor Industry

Forstor Industry is a manufacturer of warehouse and lifting equipment in Ukraine. The plant is located in the industrial center of the country in the city of Dnipro. We sell equipment of our own production not only in Ukraine, but also export products to Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, former CIS countries, Israel and the Baltic states, now we are entering the European market. Products have quality certificates and come with a full set of all necessary documentation. We take care of all issues of export operations, all that is required of you is the statement of the problem. For all questions, please contact Forstor Industry Sales Department by phone in Contacts.


Why are we

14 years on the market
Impressive experience, own production, reliability and stability of the enterprise.
> 12 000 projects
A lot of successful projects implemented, we perfectly solve complex non-standard tasks.
> 7 000 customers
Loyalty and comfortable conditions of cooperation, a high level of service for our customers.
4500 m² total production area
Completely new factory and machine tool park, 3 spacious workshops and 6 sites, special production technology.
> 250 types of equipment
A huge selection of high-quality cool solutions and warranty service support.
> 100 experienced professionals
The staff of highly skilled workers and engineers with extensive experience in the engineering industry.

Export of racks Forstor from Ukraine

We produce racks at a factory in the industrial center of Ukraine — the city of Dnipro. We specialize in simple household solutions — Start, Master shelving racks, as well as racks for warehouses of any format — pallet racks Profi, high-rise racks Profi of class A, multi-storey mezzanines Profi and Master. We deliver to the customer's country and carry out installation at the customer's site.

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Export of lifts and elevators from Ukraine

The Forstor Industry plant is the leader in the production and export of lifts , handling equipment and elevators from Ukraine. We produce all types of hydraulic lifts , freight elevators, loading and docking equipment. The company also manufactures lifts for the disabled and exports them abroad, a huge number of orders for our neighbors and not only have already been completed.

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Export of conveyors and automation systems from Ukraine

Forstor Industry is engaged in the export of conveyor systems equipment of its own production from Ukraine to Europe. We export roller and belt conveyors, mobile and stationary drive conveyors, live rolls of various configurations and complexity.

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Export of metal furniture from Ukraine

We manufacture metal furniture for export in Ukraine, Forstor Industry supplies metal cabinets of various configurations, both standard and non-standard. Already made deliveries to Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Poland. Today we produce in a huge assortment - workbenches, benches, safes and other furniture for export.

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How to order industrial equipment

It is quite simple to order export of warehouse and lifting equipment; foreign economic activity managers work in the company, who accept requests and prepare proposals. You can consult or make an order by calling the indicated phone numbers in Contacts. Send your terms of reference to us by mail or leave a request through the feedback form. Sometimes it’s not an easy task to buy industrial equipment, it requires careful study of the technical specifications or site visits. Choose the option that is most convenient for you - a complete list of all contact information can be found on the "Contact Us" page.

Our clients

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